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Clean Slate Waxing Lounge is locally owned and operated by Marilyn Landes, RN, LA, with over 19 years of experience herself. Our Austin location opened in 2016 and from there we have been doing nothing but growing. We are now happy to say that we expanded to Georgetown, TX in early 2022. At Clean Slate we always pride ourselves on our tranquil, modern and professional atmosphere offering not only waxing but, skincare, natural nails and massage services for everyone to try and love. We do this by providing the utmost quality of products, from fabulous brands such as natural, cruelty free Farmhouse Fresh to the well known clinical grade Image Skincare and PCA Skin. We uphold ourselves to the highest of standards by incorporating proper sterilization techniques and cleanliness to ensure our client’s safety, that being said we NEVER double dip. Schedule an appointment at one of our locations today or give someone special an amazing experience with a gift card.


Marilyn RN Owner Esthetician in Austin and Georgetown

Marilyn, RN

Austin & Georgetown

Marilyn is the owner and founder of Clean Slate Waxing Lounge. She became an Esthetician in 2005 and quickly discovered her love for waxing and skincare. Over the years she has perfected her waxing techniques and takes great pride in providing each and every client with flawless results. She can give you the perfect Brazilian in under 10 minutes!
She became a Registered Nurse in 2014 and worked full time at a hospital and continued to work as an Esthetician. In 2016, Marilyn and her husband fulfilled a dream of theirs and opened the doors of Clean Slate Waxing Lounge in Austin and then their second location in Georgetown in early 2022. Through continuing education and training, Marilyn and her team are kept up to date on the ever evolving skincare industry. In her spare time she loves traveling with her husband and their two children.

Katherine Assistant Manager in Georgetown


Spa Director/ Austin

Vanessa has 20+years in the medical field. She is excited to shift gears slightly and be more proactive in helping people with self-care. Over many years she has learned that self-care is just as important as good health care. She has lived in Austin her whole life, loves it here. Family is important to Vanessa so she spends lots of time with family and friends. She loves scary movies and is a huge Maleficent fan.

Georgie Spa Coordinator in Georgetown


Spa Director/ Georgetown

Katherine has been in the beauty/wellness industry for five plus years. She has found a true passion and
love for assisting all people in their wellness journey. She is enthusiastic about consistently expanding
her knowledge not only on services but also products. Her favorite part about being in this industry is
the ability to make others smile and to feel more confident about themselves. She loves to be able to
show up for Clean Slate’s excellent staff and provide warm and amazing hospitality in all contact points of the company. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, listening to music, and spending time with her
pets, family, and partner.

Georgie Spa Coordinator in Georgetown


Spa Coordinator/ Georgetown

Annelys stepped into this industry 3 years ago thanks to an amazing esthetician who was adamant that luxury support is her calling, and she is so glad to have been persuaded. This industry is much deeper than exterior beauty, it's self-care and compassion for oneself that is nurtured sincerely. As a mother of two, she knows quite well how much some well-deserved self-care can positively impact your psyche. This is why Annelys is dedicated to providing knowledgeable explanations of services and products to best enhance your experience and confidence in booking. She looks forward to ensuring your visit encourages your inner glow to become absolutely radiant!

Georgie Spa Coordinator in Georgetown


Spa Coordinator/ Austin

Janie's love and interest for beauty and wellness started at a very young age. She always sought out her greater passion in life and that was simply making people feel good inside and out. Treating people kindly and spreading love to others is a reflection of who Janie is. She has over ten years of  five star customer service experience and Spa coordinator experience. She will take care of you with open arms and make your  visit here one you will never forget!

Shylo Spa Coordinator in Georgetown


Spa Coordinator/ Georgetown

Rida was born and raised in Indonesia and recently moved to the US back in 2021.  She has over ten years experience in the hospitality industry ranging from small downtown hotels to 5 star resorts in Bali. The biggest benefit of working within hospitality and hotels is the wide variety of people that she meets and their differing cultures. She feels that with the skills she has learned through that, will translate well within the spa industry. Spending time with her family and two cats is her happy place. Rida is a firm believer that will power has a direct effect in the physical world.

Shana Massage Therapist in Georgetown


Massage Therapist/ Georgetown

Shana received her Massage Therapy training from A New Beginning School of Massage and became licensed in 2015. She has worked in high end spas as well as clinical settings but learned her skills are best suited for the spa industry. She has a relaxing touch and a knack for putting her clients in a dreamlike trance, if not completely asleep in the first 15 minutes of the session. Shana specializes in the ultimate of relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone and is sure to provide a service that will not disappoint!

Nichole Esthetician in Austin


Massage Therapist/ Austin

Kaylyn received her Massage training  from A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin, TX and has been practicing since 1997. She customizes each session using a blend of pain reduction and pain management methods (deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, compression and Critz Technique) as well as breathwork and relaxation methods (Swedish, Shiatsu/Acupressure and body rocking) to create a best of both worlds experience. Her work has been described as flowing, focused, detailed, soothing, healing and nurturing. She enjoys using her skills and talents to support her clients to be more relaxed, happier and healthier and to reduce or melt away chronic pain.

Kourtney Esthetician in Austin


Esthetician/ Austin

Kourtney has worked in the beauty industry since 2012, receiving her Aesthetics license in 2015. She is passionate about skincare and going above and beyond to make her clients feel beautiful and achieve their skincare needs. She values building relationships with her clients so they leave confident and with a smile on their face.

Karen Esthetician in Austin


Esthetician/ Austin

Karen’s passion for skin care and beauty runs deep, it didn’t take long after starting her makeup artistry career for her to learn how skin care and makeup went hand in hand; she learned that the best results for a flawless makeup started with healthy skin. It was 2020 when she decided to go to esthetician school and became an esthetician in 2021. After running into the world of esthetics, she has always strived to give people the results they are looking for, with their targeted skin treatments and waxing. Karen loves everything about the esthetics world, but the relationship she builds with people while having the opportunity to educate them is one of the things she loves most about this industry.

Alana Esthetician in Austin


Esthetician/ Austin & Georgetown

Cambria is an experienced Esthetician who specializes in waxing and self-care. She became a Licensed Esthetician in 2020. Her expertise in these areas can help you feel confident and at ease while taking care of your beauty needs. In addition to waxing, she also enjoys services like facials and skincare consultations to help everyone look and feel their best.

Karen Esthetician in Austin


Esthetician / Austin

Robin has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2014. Over the course of her career she has gone on to acquire her instructor's license and laser technician certification, and has practiced in a variety of settings in the Austin area including wax bars, day spas, and medi-spas. She specializes in quick and painless wax services, brow shaping, and facial treatments tailored to fit individual clients' needs.

Karen Esthetician in Austin


Esthetician/ Georgetown

Dessiny became a Licensed Esthetician in 2017. Her love for the beauty industry started over 13 years ago when she began her journey in makeup artistry and gained a passion for all things esthetics. She is born and raised in Austin, Texas but has lived in the “Texas Big 3” (Houston, Dallas, & Austin)! She enjoys fashion, art, & wellness. In her spare time, she loves practicing yoga &  spending time with family and friends.

Mariela Esthetician in Georgetown


Esthetician/ Georgetown

Mariela graduated from Aveda Institute in Austin and became a Licensed Esthetician in 2021. She’s always had a love for all things beauty! From skincare to waxing, she’s got you covered!  Her goal is to make sure you feel your best, authentic self by providing result driven skin care services and keeping you up on proper wax cycles. She’s always thrilled to bond with her clients and make every visit feel comfortable on their beauty journey!

Angelique Esthetician in Austin

Now hiring

Esthetician/ Georgetown

Bio coming soon...

Jessica Esthetician in Georgetown


Esthetician/ Georgetown

Sierra has been an Esthetician since 2020. She has known for a long time how much she loves the industry, from dabbling in fun makeup to creating a full skincare routine and getting facials regularly, It’s her thing! Sierra strives to help others with their skin and their confidence, because she knows from personal experience what a difference it makes. Sierra is happily married with a baby kitty, and enjoys spending her free time watching movies and traveling with the two of them.

Blanca Nail Technician in Georgetown


Nail Technician/ Georgetown

Blanca has been a Manicurist since 2004. She worked at a high end spa resort for 16 years in Austin Tx, providing meticulous natural manicures and pedicures. She is committed to customer satisfaction through attention to detail. Blanca is dedicated to providing quality nail services to all her new clients.

Blanca Nail Technician in Georgetown


Master Lash Artist/ Georgetown

Kathy is a graduate from Austin's Avenue Five Institute and a licensed cosmetologist since 2018'
She spent  8+ years learning and educating  skincare products and cosmetics! Later she found the love for lash extensions and became a certified Master Lash Technician for over 3 years now and she is always eager to learn more!
Kathy's small family of 3 (her partner and their sweet tuxedo cat) moved from South Austin to Georgetown 2023'
She is very excited to start her new journey here!
The best part of her job is being able to experience and capture that very moment you first open your eyes to find the person you truly love to see in the mirror!
The very best qualities of what makes you special, be brought out to light!
Let Kathy be your Lash girl!

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